♣ Discipline is the very soul of orderly corporate life and its infringement will not be entertained under any circumstances.
♣ Student should be habitually neat and clean and smartly dressed in school uniform.
♣ Every student must come punctually to school. The gates will be closed for late comers who will have to return home. Habitual late comers will be severely dealt with.
♣ Those using bicycles should keep them locked at the assigned parking place.
♣ No cash/money or other expensive articles should be brought to school. The college will not be responsible for any incurred by a pupil, if this is ignored.
♣ Defacing or damage to college property by a student will initiate serious disciplinary action apart from charging fine/cost of item.
♣ Students will not be called to answer telephone calls.
♣ Student selected for participation in any game or cultural activity will not remain absent without obtaining permission from the teacher in charge.
♣ College takes adequate care of its students and provides adequate first aid in case of emergency, yet it owes no responsibility for accidental injuries.
♣ The behaviour of the student should be correct and courteous both within and outside the college premises. An institution is judged by the conduct of its students.
♣ No student can be retained on the rolls of the college if his/her progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory, if he/she fails in a class for two consecutive years, or if his/her presence in college is considered detrimental, unhealthy and harmful to other students.
♣ The Principal’s decision in all matters of discipline shall be final.
♣ The college management reserves the right to waive any of the rules contained in the prospectus without assigning any reason for their action.
♣ The interpretation of any rule in this prospectus as well as any amendment to it rests solely on the management of the college. Their decision will be final and binding on the parents/guardians.