The following procedure is to be adopted for admission in various classes:

⦿ Candidates seeking admission should first submit application for registration on the prescribed printed form available in the school office along with prospectus on cash payment.

⦿ Advance notice of the date on which a particular student will be interviewed will be displayed on the school Notice Board and should be seen there. No separate notice will be sent to anyone for this purpose.

⦿ The name of the candidates selected would be displayed on the Notice Board and admission card will be issued to them along with the details of fees and other charges to be deposited by them in the college office.

⦿ The candidate should report to the class teacher mentioned in the admission card along with a copy of receipt for payment of fees and other charges and original copy of the last school leaving certificate.

⦿ The class teacher will permit the candidate to attend only after she/he ensures that the fees and other payments and school leaving certificate have been deposited by the candidate.

⦿ In no case the class teacher will allow any new or old student to attend classes unless the fees and other dues have been deposited and a note to that affect made by her/him in her/his register.

⦿ Selected candidates must join within the date specified, failing which, the seat will be given to the next candidate on the waiting list.

⦿ Application only which are complete in all respects will be considered. Incomplete application will be summarily rejected.

⦿ Applications not submitted within the date prescribed for submission will not be accepted.

⦿ The principal may reject any application without assigning any reason and in all matters pertaining to admission, the decision of the Principal will be final.

⦿ Old students must report on the very first day on which the session starts in the month of April. If they do not join on the due date, the seats will be given to the new applicants seeking admission. The name of the old student, who fails to turn up on the opening day of the school at the commencement of the new session, will be struck off the rolls and it will not be possible to accommodate such student if he/she turns up afterwards as the seat would have already been given to a new applicant. Old students who cannot join on the required date for some unavoidable reason, must deposit all the fees payable and submit an application to the principal stating the circumstances under which he/she is not able to do so.