⦿ The amount of the fees charged at the time of admission is not refundable.
⦿ Fee is charged for the full academic year irrespective of the date of admission.
⦿ Parents/Guardians are expected to automatically pay the instalments punctually latest by the 10th day of the month in which they are due.
⦿ If the monthly fee is not deposited till 10th of the current month, fee will be deposited with late fee of Rs. 10 up to 15th of the month, Rs. 20 up to 20th of the month & Rs. 30 up to 30th of the month.
⦿ If fee is not deposited till end of the month, late fee of Rs. 100 will be charged in the next month.
⦿ If the fee is not deposited till the end of next month, the student’s name will be struck off from the register & Rs. 250 will be charged as re-admission fee.
⦿ If any student appears in the mid-session, he has to pay fees for the full year and conveyance fee will be charged from the date of admission.
⦿ The student who pays the annual fee in one instalment at the time of admission will get a concession of 5%.
⦿ Parents will have to bring fee card on fee day otherwise your fee will not be deposited.
⦿ Fee once deposited will not be refunded.